Committee on Data Management and Analytics

Penelope Weinberger
Transportation Data Program Manager
(202) 624-3556

Committee on Data Management and Analytics

General Purpose Statement

The Committee on Data Management and Analytics shall address the collection, procurement, processing, analysis, reporting, and sharing of transportation data. The Data Management and Analytics committee is dedicated to addressing issues related to knowledge, expertise, resources and tools needed by State DOTs to implement a robust data management and analytics program within their agencies.


From 2015 through 2017, AASHTO underwent a comprehensive review and restructuring, the first major such change in over 50 years.  The Comprehensive Committees Review (CCR) steering committee developed a set of Goals and Objectives that included the following:

  1. Ensure the committee structure allows AASHTO to quickly respond to new and emerging issues.
  2. Ensure committee structure adequately addresses multi-modal issues.

Although the upshot of the review was to streamline committee structure, as a result of these two criteria, and because the industry demands it, several new committees were formed as well.  One was the new Data Management and Analytics Committee.

The concept for the Data Management and Analytics Committee, as stated in the November 2016 Restructuring Proposal, is that it will address the collection, processing, analysis, reporting, and sharing of transportation data for the various modes that are used throughout program and project lifecycles. These data inform agency decisions about how to invest available resources to plan, build, operate, and maintain safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation systems.

The existing GIS for Transportation (GIS-T) Task Force, which reports to the SCOFA Subcommittee on Information Systems, will now report to the Data Management and Analytics Committee. This new Committee will assume the scope of the Standing Committee on Planning’s Data Subcommittee.

Current Standing:

A draft General Purpose statement (required of all committees under the review) was developed by AASHTO staff to help refine the critical elements for a working group to refine and finalize the statement and get the committee on its feet.  The General Purpose statement currently exists in a draft form, the working group will refine the statement in time to incorporate it into the committee’s charter, expected December 2017.  After this, the Charter and General Purpose statement will be included in the AASHTO governing documents, subject to approval by the Strategic Management Committee and the Board of Directors.

The working group was identified and convened. The members are:

  • Blaine Leonard (Utah).
  • Daniela Bremmer (Washington)
  • Gregg Fredrick (Wyoming)
  • Priscilla Tobias (Illinois)
  • April Blackburn (Florida)
  • Mike Bousliman (Montana), and
  • Greg Slater, MDSHA (Chair of the Data Management and Analytics Committee),

With Penelope Weinberger, AASHTO Transportation Data Program Manager, serving as Liaison.


It is the intention of the Data committee to add value, to assist in data issues, to provide information, technical assistance, resources, and appropriate support and advocacy to the many facets, modes, and structures of transportation covered by our association and industry.  Our focus is collaborative, cross-disciplinary, and cooperative.


The Data Committee will foster relationships with other AASHTO committees, TRB Data Section Committees and other agency, association and industry groups dealing with transportation data.  One vision of value is the sharing of information.

Current work:

The Data Management and Analytics Committee has taken on the scope of the former Standing Committee on Planning Sub-Committee on Data.  This informs the immediate direction of the Data Committee to further that work.  This includes four key pieces of work:

  • The Core Data Principles – a set of seven principles identifying data as Valuable, Available, Reliable, Authorized, Clear, Efficient, and Accountable
  • Agency Data Program Self-Assessment – furthering NCHRP 8-92: Implementing A Transportation Agency Data Program Self-Assessment which produced:
    • A refined model and methodology for conducting agency data self-assessments
    • A Guide that provides step-by-step guidance for agencies wishing to do transportation data-self assessments
    • A set of assessment tools for gauging the maturity of data management practices and the quality of data for meeting business functions
    • Examples of what agencies can do to “step up” and advance data management maturity levels and the value that can be derived from such actions
  • Data Business Plans – helping state DOTs develop them
  • The Data “Green Book” – this is a problem statement being submitted to NCHRP following the completion of NCHRP 8-36 task 129: Scoping Study to Establish Standards and Guidance for Data for Transportation Planning and Traffic Operations Purposes


The immediate future work for the Data Committee is to finalize the General Purpose Statement so we may ask the CEOs to nominate members.  Then, our charter must be drafted and incorporated into the AASHTO Governing Documents.  We envision a great outreach effort inside and outside AASHTO to ensure that we are valuable to the organization and state of practice.